"Marcy has proven herself as a level headed, hard working problem solver on the Towns Technology Committee. Her natural leadership skills garnered her election to chair of the Tech committee on it’s inception. I have observed her navigate discussions, bringing a group together to accomplish its goals. These skills along with  her respectful approachability will make Marcy an excellent McCandless Town Council member. It is without hesitation that I endorse Marcy Pearson for Ward 2 McCandless Town Council."


Kim Zachary

Ward 1 McCandless Council Representative

President McCandless Town Council


Meet Marcia Pearson

Working together for a better future.

There are three issues that Marcia, along with many McCandless Town residents feel strongly about.


Storm water control: While a complicated issue, this is one that Marcia wants to address head on and help to solve. McCandless has been working on the storm water situation since 1978 when the Pennsylvania Stormwater Act 167 was passed.  While many areas have improved, there are still issues especially in the Pine Creek watershed. Marcia will fight for a fully funded plan that includes alternatives, timelines, and funding options to mitigate the situation. 

Leveraging technology: One of the biggest issues Marcia sees is the lack of communications to help our citizens, businesses, and first responders. There are so many good things happening across McCandless, but very few people- inside and outside of McCandless- know about some or most. The current platforms (Facebook, Instagram, McMail, Savvy Citizen, etc.) are not being utilized in a systematic and strategic way that promotes our businesses, first-class school system, family friendly living- to name a few. This is a missed opportunity. Marcia will help to create a PR strategy that will help to promote McCandless and all it has to offer and look to organize a small business association. 

Disappearing green space due to development: One of the great things about McCandless (especially Ward 2) is the amount of green space that we have. Unfortunately that green space is shrinking with the additional development that has been happening. The loss of our trees and plants is adding to the storm water situation- as well as detracting from the open spaces that made McCandless attractive for families. We can both develop our town to make it business friendly while keeping ample green space. Town Council needs to remain mindful of this when approving new projects. 


Get Involved

"McCandless is a great place to live and do business but we can be even better. I believe that I can help our town as we move into the future. I like getting involved and learning new things.  When it comes to making decisions, my approach has always been to do the research, get opinions from others and then sort through the facts to make the right decision to help solve the issue or grow the business. It is the same approach that I would bring to the town leadership."- Marcia Pearson

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Marcia, known as Marcy by her friends and family, has been a resident of McCandless since 1995. She spent a storied thirty-four years working for IBM, spending over fifteen of those years in both North American and global executive leadership positions.


Marcia's executive experience gave her the opportunity to lead teams of many sizes including organizations of over 1000 people in very matrixed organizations; build organizations from the ground up; play pivotal roles on acquisitions; and plan and execute necessary restructuring. Each of these roles honed and perfected her ability to thoroughly research issues and analyze data to make the best possible decision and enable getting difficult things executed.  

For the last two years, Marcia has been the Chair of the McCandless Technology Advisory Committee. This role has allowed her to meet and develop solid working relationships with key members on the town’s staff. Marcia has spent the time to understand what they do and what they need in order to do their job better for our citizens and first responders. 


Serving on the McCandless Town Council is a natural next step for Marcia and will allow her to continue the good work started on the Technology Committee.  

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Family Picture Rachel's Wedding
Family Picture Rachel's Wedding

Marcy & Jim
Marcy & Jim

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Jim and Marcy

Family Picture Rachel's Wedding
Family Picture Rachel's Wedding